Potentially saves 75% of energy in gaming PCs.

At present, dedicated PCs are usually equipped with high-end graphics cards, good processors, high-resolution displays and large memory drives. This, in turn, causes a huge increase in power consumption. To solve this problem and find a way to save billions of dollars on electricity bills, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been studying the potential energy savings of this product line.

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First, scientists analyzed thousands of computer game consoles and their energy consumption globally. After collecting data, 2.5% of the computers accounted for 20% of the total computer power consumption. However, energy efficiency measures show that people can still save 75% of their energy consumption, equivalent to 120 TWh ($ 18 billion). That will happen when manufacturers pay more attention to the use of higher energy efficiency components during assembly.

In addition, the researchers said that the current assembly just focuses on finding the best components for game processing, not really pay attention to energy efficiency. If manufacturers have more specific instructions on the energy efficiency of components such as hard drives, peripherals, etc., assemblers will be able to create saving energy products.

The study also showed that only by modifying the assembly model saved 50% of the power consumption without further deeper steps. In addition, when combined with the operating mode, saving efficiency can reach 25% more. And one more thing, in addition to bringing about saving effect, this also makes the system of game computers run more smoothly.

"Our research has shown that there is no need to spend too much on developing new technologies, but just change your mind and take it easy", says Evan Mills, the leader of research team. Think of it, we are fully capable of making breakthroughs in energy efficiency in the gaming industry with new hardware.