Nuclear power - the most prominent future energy source of mankind

Energy sources are always the top concern of human. Human should have plans to exploit new energy sources in the future. At present, humans still rely on fossil fuels for energy. Although we also have other sources of energy such as hydropower, wind energy, solar energy ... but no energy source is enough to replace fossil fuels. However, we still have an extremely potent source of energy, which is the fusion nucleus.

Fossil fuels are good for human consumption, but they are slowly dying out

For fossil fuels in general and for oil, coal and natural gas in particular, these fuels are not renewable and human can - not produce them. And now humans are using fossil fuels to a great extent, surpassing the self-healing level of these fuels in nature. In addition, there is the problem of environmental pollution - a bad impact of fossil fuels.

When burning fossil fuels, impurities are released and mixed into the air. This causes environmental pollution. In addition, poor waste treatment plants also lead to pollution of water sources such as rivers and lakes.

Environmental pollution is a major limitation of fossil fuels

For other energy sources such as hydropower, wind energy, solar power, etc., it costs a lot to exploit, but humans are dependent on nature when usingthese resources. The simplest example is that we will get very little solar energy at night.

Other sources of power are not strong enough to replace fossil fuels

Fortunately, we have a better option, which is nuclear reaction. These are very strong and powerful reactions. Although for some people, when talking about nuclear, they are concerned because of the disaster has happened in the past. But that is inevitable. Ignoring all of this, the United States tested the world's first nuclear reaction in 1952, called Ivy Mike. Since then, human beings have always sought to develop and exploit this energy better and safer.

Nowadays, nuclear processes take place in a controlled environment, human has mastered. We have discovered four methods:

Inertial Confinement Fusion: We take a hydrogen pellet and use the laser to surround it and compress it. This compression causes the hydrogen nucleus to bind together, producing helium and, most importantly - it releases energy.

Magnetic Confinement Fusion: In addition to the compression method, we have another method, which is using electromagnetic force. We will use the magnetic field to combine the materials and make the nuclear reaction happen.

Magnetized Target Fusion: In this method, a superheated plasma is generated but is magnetized, and compression from the pistons around it produces a nuclear fusion from within.

Subcritical Fusion: With this method, we will use a subcritical fission reaction to produce a nuclear reaction.

The two methods 1 and 2 have long been researched by humans while methods 3 and 4 are new methods of detection.

Generating energy while keeping the environment clean is a huge challenge for mankind. Nuclear reaction will be a way for humans to generate energy without causing adverse effects on the environment. However, this approach is not well received because there are many countries in the world that are concerned about it.