Learn about Methane Hydrate - a new source of energy in the future

Energy scientists have calculated that fossil energy on Earth can only be exploited for about 60 years, which is exhausted. In the development effort, people are looking for new sources of energy to replace. Fortunately, the Earth has yet another source of energy that is Methane Hydrate, which can provide mankind with an enormous amount of energy for human use within the next 2,000 years.

What is Methane Hydrate?

Methane Hydrate (Natural hydrate or gas hydrate), formed from natural gases such as methane, ethane, propane and water under high pressure (over 30 atm) and low temperature (below 0 ° C). Methane Hydrate is usually stable in deep sea conditions of at least 300m or more, oceanic islands and permanent glaciers, in the form of solid bodies like small snowballs.

Methane Hydrate is a huge source of energy, every 1m3 of fire tape releases about 164m3 of methane (2 to 5 times higher than natural gas, clean, not polluting the environment because it is frozen hydrate, less impurities). Methane Hydrate come in different colors, such as white, yellow, brown, red, gray or blue. There are more than 90 countries in the world with burning fire. The countries with the largest firewood reserves are: Canada, Russia, USA, India, Japan, China. Methane Hydrate also has its drawbacks. Formed at low temperatures and low pressures, changing pressure or temperatures to around 1 ° C to 20 ° C would release methane, causing global warming, causing tsunamis. Especially, in the situation of rapid climate change, it is easy to make Methane Hydrate release energy. Therefore Methane Hydrate is very difficult to exploit.

How to exploit and use Methane Hydrate?

People argues that this could be the cause of breakdowns for sea-going ships and aircraft in the air, by the large amount of methane generated when it decays and reduces the density of seawater, reducing the density of air, reduced the lift, causing the boat to sink, the aircraft is falling. For the above reasons, the exploitation and use of Methane Hydrate safety and firefighting tape is a very difficult problem for scientists, just as controlling nuclear power. Without good control, methane and carbon dioxide (produced when Methane Hydrate is disintegrated) are a powerful source of greenhouse gases. The difficulty is to create a pipeline system and concentrate methane gas when Methane Hydrate decomposes (by reducing pressure is the most economical). At present, Russia is exploiting Siberia, but still in the way of natural gas, so the results are limited.

Russia, China, America, Japan ... are countries are urgently seeking technology to exploit Methane Hydrate. Canada has successfully extracted methane from Methane Hydrate on land. Japan invested $ 127 million in the Methane Hydrate mining project in southwestern Tokyo. But until now, the technology for exploiting Methane Hydrate has not been identified and it remains a big challenge for the human. Scientists are also studying the mechanism for the formation of methane hydrate and the rules for the distribution of mines, the most effective way to exploit and use this precious resource.