Insulating around Power Outlets

I’ve been on my own personal campaign to tighten up air leakage around our house. Busy caulking windows and trying to find ways to blunt that cool air from getting in and the warm air from getting out.

This evening I was thinking about the power outlets. I’ve noticed that some of our outlets on the exterior walls are a bit drafty. Since you want to be careful around an electrical outlet I’ve been wondering about safe ways to insulate around the outlets. Fortunately I’ve found some very good tutorials on what to look for and how to do it.

Fortunately, as you can see from these instructions it is both cheap and really easy to do this. They make foam insulators that are sized to wall outlets with punches for either a light switch opening or outlet openings.

First you should cut off power to the outlet at your fuse or breaker box. Please do this, you never know when the screwdriver may slip and make things interesting in “short” order!

Then it’s as simple as taking the outlet cover off, pushing out the precut opening in the foam insert. Place it carefully to line up with the outlets and replace the outlet cover. Then you should be able to switch the power back on to the outlet and you’ll have a tighter insulated house!