The Energy Transition Games.

Today we will discuss about free simulation game   “The Energy Transition Games” to understand more the role of energy producer, energy provider or other related government party to maintain high quality of life to all civilian on the planet. New solutions for the energy system against this biggest challenge will be popped up during the game.

How to play:

At the Games, each player takes a different role within a complex energy system landscape. Each role has different responsibilities and decisions to make.You will be faced with dilemmas: should you prioritize your short-term individual benefit or invest in common objectives? Will your fellow players enable or defy you? Can you rely on their commitments?

But first, achieving your goals may not be easy.Energy prices, cost of change, energy demand, harsh competition and consumer satisfaction – they can all affect the outcomes of your decisions.Limited financial resources, time limit, dysfunctional communication, lack of full understanding of the entire system – all of these might jeopardize achieving your goals.It is necessary to exchange information, cooperation, system views on energy production and consumption.

Within an open world game, all players are free to interact with each other, make deals, come up with new policies and deliver innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. This game not only simulates the real-life complexity of the transition but also creates an environment where innovation is born.


Embedded mechanisms in Game Transformation Energy mimics the changes that decision-makers face in converting fossil-fuel energy to renewable energy sources.

Energy producers, like every business, boost profit. However, if they ignore their impact on the environment they may cause the climate change catastrophe.

Technology start-ups commercialize clean energy technologies.However, there is a lot of uncertainty and risk involved in commercializing technology and so such a process may not always be successful.

Energy provider faces a challenge of balancing an increasing energy demand and energy supply (energy from renewable sources is dependent atmospheric).

The whole energy system is regulated by the Ministry of Energy in coordination with other government agencies. The government should consider the pressure of energy consumers who care that they will have to pay for energy conversion.


The games connect the experiences and understandings about the complexity of the system-wide change to the renewable energy sources. It helps players explore transition strategies to new energy sources and also learn how to navigate through the challenges of energy transition.

Additionally, the players are able to develop their skills for effective communication and collaboration which helps them learn how to foster and integrate both technological and social energy innovations


The Energy Transition Game is a role-playing game that allows players to experience the challenges of moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. In this microcosm, where energy is needed to ensure the safety of citizens, you can shape the future of the energy industry.

Become an energy producer, energy supplier, technology startup, one of the government agencies or civil society organizations and create new solutions for power systems! The game has so many benefits for its player, join and share your awareness.