Energy Hog Game

Energy Hog is an online environmental game designed for children learn how to save energy at home, consisting of 5 mini-games. People eventually learn how home energy improvements save cost, improve comfort and help the environment by becoming an ‘Energy Hog Buster’, using ‘Energy Hogs’ which are designed ‘half human’, half hog creatures that drain up the energy out of your home.

There are 5 different access levels involving separate parts of the home: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and attic. Each level involves exposing a full detailed ‘Hog Buster’, which explains another mini-game to play before you step to the next level.

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In the Bedroom, you will have to complete the maze, it will reveal ‘Bulb Hunter’, asking you to change bulbs within a limited time period.

The Bathroom is taking a ‘Whack-a-Hog’ where you use a shower brush to whack a water-guzzling hog, that helps to reduce water consumption; Players get fireplaces, attic energy efficiency, an Efficient Energy Hog Handbook containing energy tips for dishwashers, etc.

‘Wacky Windows’ will be revealed in the Living room. Players are required to engage in a race using a caulking gun to caulk the 4 corners of windows within an established time-frame.

In the Kitchen round, players will be challengedby the ‘Fridge Frenzy Game’ whereby refrigerator contents are mixedthen matching it in a timed memory game;

The Attic has players take part in their own ‘Attic Attack’ firing insulation at energy hogs.


Agreat set of educational activities about sources of energy in this game help children acknowledge more important role in using energy wisely. It builds up the energy efficiency awareness in the home which promotes Energy Star R products. It also provides a home Energy Saver Audit. The game’s blue ‘hint’ box educates about energy efficiency.