Conserving Heating Oil by weather proofing

We all want to save money on fuel oil and heating oil for our homes, even the home electric bills in the winter can be slightly scary. It’s a good thing to go through your house and evaluate where wasted heat and energy may be. Is the glazing on your windows old and flaking? Do you use blinds or curtains (curtains can cut heat transmission.) Newer energy efficient windows can be a good investment, of course, you don’t want to replace your windows in the middle of winter. Does your attic have enough insulation? Can more be added? It’s even possible to retrofit walls with sprayed in insulation. Most of the homes leakage though comes via the windows and doors so those are the biggest things to check. Proper weatherstripping can certainly help your heating oil and energy costs through the long cold winters, but you should also make sure you set your thermostat around 70 degrees or even 68 if possible and avoid the temptation to run it up into the upper 70s.