21st Century Version of the Barbary Coast Pirates?

Pirates raiding ships have been in the news off and on in recent years. It’s been steady, but nothing really high profile. It’s probably passed underneath many peoples radar. This week though, the price of gas climbed $1 a barrel on news that a large oil tanker had been captured by Somali based pirates. After reading that linked article. It sounds as though, we’re seeing something not too different from the Barbary Coast Pirates of old (first overseas expedition of the US Marines (”To the shores of Tripoli”…))

Now, if this had happened in August or so, we probably would have seen the price of oil go up $10 a barrel or more. I’m thinking that this problem has gained enough prominence though we may see concerted international action. Could this be one of the first major foreign policy tests of a Barack Obama administration? Or something that the Bush administration attempts to address before leaving office? Or is it something that we leave hands off for the foreseeable future? I know we’re not the worlds policemen, but when international waters are threatened by basic “highway robbery”, shoiuldn’t the powerful nations put together a solution (as opposed to recommending ships hire private security.)